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Local Geography of Cheadle

Though the Hamlet of Cheadle is small, there are 3 main areas to the community. East Cheadle Spring, Central Cheadle, and West Cheadle. Many of Cheadle's residents can be found in Central Cheadle. Cheadle's Park and Skating Rink are located between Central and West Cheadle at the west end of Hendry Avenue. East Cheadle is the least populated area but has seen more growth in recent years. The Cheadle Community Hall is also located in East Cheadle on the corner of Malone Ave and Cousins Street, along with the community board and Canada Post mailboxes. The entire East side of Cheadle (near Highway 24) is home to many Warm Water Springs which can be seen steaming on cold winter days. Much of the East Cheadle Springs water flow does not freeze over in winter, due to this. See the maps page for more information on the regions of Cheadle.

Waste Disposal

The nearest recycling facility is only 10min away in nearby Strathmore, located at 101 Slater Way. The facility can manage a large variety of household recyclable materials. For any household waste that cannot be recycled, there is a dump available to Wheatland County residents. All items to be disposed of there need to be placed in closed garbage bags before dumping. The dump is located East of Cheadle on Township Road 240, just before Hwy 817.

Local Real Estate

Cheadle's small community size and country living atmosphere are in high demand. Therefore available real estate does not last long. With Cheadle being in such close proximity to areas like Strathmore and Calgary, it is the ideal location to have the best of both worlds. Daily Commuters to Calgary often enjoy always having the sun to their back when driving to and from work. It is also beneficial to have big city pay with low country living expenses with larger lots. New home builders to the area are encouraged to plant many tall trees, to create a good balance between green space and living space.

 Housing lots are available for sale throughout the community. Residential lots for new housing developments can be found in East Cheadle along Cousins Street and in West Cheadle along the South side of Railway Avenue. 


Cheadle currently stands as a peaceful community nested 9km West of Strathmore. Currently there are no local retail businesses or amenities, therefore most residents commute to nearby Strathmore, Chestermere or Calgary for all their needs. A future general store or fuel station may appear in coming years if the community's current growth rate continues.